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Over 4 kms coastline

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USD $3,500,000



A valuable asset is for sale in the South Pacific in Vanuatu - almost 6,000 hectares (14,826 acres) in two titles on EPI ISLAND. Current Vanuatu governance makes it virtually impossible to ever register such large areas of land leases, in Vanuatu, ever again.


The property has the potential to be a magnificent working farm but it needs to be developed as a long term project. It is blessed with natural water, excellent topography for future pastures, trees for natural shade and rich volcanic soils for intensive farming.



The property currently supports over 5,000 coconut trees; around 300 hectares of planted pasture with a few hundred head of cattle; extensive Kava production; and a Coconut Oil Mill purchased from Muar Bar Lee in Malaysia - the largest producer of coconut oil and palm oil in Asia and Africa. The Coconut Oil Mill is not currently working but it could be restarted with minimum effort.

The current owner had plans to develop this property into a working cattle ranch, but as he has several other projects under development in the South Pacific, he has decided to sell this property in "as is" condition. The property is maintained by a basic minimum of on-site staff and it currently earns a small income from Kava production.

If fully developed as a cattle ranch, the property has the potential to support and maintain at least 7,000 head of free-grazing cattle, but that is a project for the future.

It is fair to say that this is a neglected property that represents a wonderful opportunity. Any agricultural project would thrive on this property. The rich soils and extensive water supply would support the most intensive farming project and the extensive views and coastline would also lend itself to tourism.

The natural topography,  together with the North and South coastlines, facilitate two excellent sites for future airports. 



The farm's aluminium barge is included in the sale. Load capacity 50 tons. Length 24 metres. Width 6 metres. 2 x inboard 350 HP Perkins stern leg. Easily accessible beach landing sites on North and South sides of the island.  


Cattle can be barged to the capital city Port Vila in 8 hours. A faster ferry boat, traveling at 22 knots, will reach Port Vila in 3 hours.



There is no freehold land in Vanuatu. If a property is registered it is registered as a leasehold title. The Vanuatu Constitution states that the maximum term of a lease is 75 years. When you buy an existing lease, you purchase the remaining term, not a new 75 year period. A 75 year renewal of lease can be negotiated at anytime with the Custom Land owner (shown as the Lessor on existing rural leases) at terms suitable for both lessee and lessor and this is a relatively inexpensive, straight forward process.  The current leases (as detailed below) will expire in 2084.


Land Area​

Lease No. 1:  5,343 hectares with 300 metres of island coastline on the North of the island. Lease expires 2082

Lease No. 2:  636 hectares with nearly 4 kilometres of island coastline on the South of the island.


Approx. 700 hectares of flat sea level land and approx. 5,000 hectare plateau (200M to 300M above sea level) 


Rich volcanic, black soils deep to 20 metres in some areas


At least 10 natural blue water springs including one exceptionally high natural spring - the entire lease can be gravity fed from this one spring. Two fresh water lakes. In the south there is a spring famous on the island for its striking water colour.


Approximately 15 kilometres of roads crossing the property from coast to coast.


8 workers bungalows (sleep 20 persons)

Common Kitchen and Shower facility

1 concrete house 

Satellite internet broadband

Coconut Oil Mill - Major shed approx. 50M length  x 14M width x 15M High

3 Smaller sheds approx. 10M length x 12M width  x 4M High

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