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Vanuatu Property Sales

Buy your dream property direct from the owner
Sell your property with no fees or commissions
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Sell your Vanuatu property
No Fees, No Commissions

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If you have a property in Vanuatu, and you would like to sell it, you can list it on our website for FREE. Buyers are given a direct link to the Owner's email address. There is no middleman. Owners and Buyers negotiate directly with each other. So there are no fees or commissions. It couldn't be more simple.


If you would like to advertise your property on our website, list your property here and send us your best photos.

Buying & Living in Vanuatu
Frequently asked questions

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Fortunately, it is relatively easy for a foreigner to buy property in Vanuatu. You don’t need to be a resident to purchase property in Vanuatu. You don't need a license of any kind. You can own a property in Vanuatu and live in another country. If you want to come and go as a tourist, that is perfectly fine.


However, if you choose to buy a Vanuatu property you will be eligible to apply for a Vanuatu residency permit which means you can permanently reside in your tropical home all year round - if you want to!


Vanuatu is famous for its tropical lifestyle and welcoming population. The islands of Efate (home to the capital Port Vila) and Santo attract many expatriate residents and offshore investors and this continues to boost its economy, infrastructure and real estate market.

Want to know more about Living and Buying in Vanuatu? Check out are Frequently Asked Questions.

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